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I have an Internet-connected computer or am able to get access to one easily on a regular basis.

I can open, close and minimize menus and windows.

I can save and retrieve files to and from a disk (floppy, CD/DVD, zip,  flash,  iPod) or the hard drive.

I can cut/copy text from one source and paste it to another.

I am comfortable communicating in writing.

I am a self-motivated, self-disciplined individual.

I am comfortable with spending several hours at a time on a computer.

I am comfortable with downloading and installing software on my computer.

I am willing to dedicate approximately 4-12 hours per week, per course (any time during the day or night) to my studies.

I am a procrastinator when it comes to schoolwork and deadlines.

I am able to think ideas through before responding.

I can accept critical thinking and decision making as part of the learning process.

I am familiar with using email and a web browser.

I don't mind if I never actually meet my instructor or classmates in person.

I believe that high-quality learning can only occur by going to a traditional classroom.

New technologies requiring new approaches to learning and problem solving do not bother me.

I am too shy to speak up if problems arise of if I have questions.

I like the idea of being able to attend class at times and locations that I choose instead of being tied to a set place and time.

I can create a word processing document using the various editing and formatting features.

I can locate and access information using an Internet search engine.

I can download and configure my web browser with plug-ins such as Real Audio and use the "Favorites" feature of my browser.

I can use "chat" features for real-time for real-time communication.

I can print documents from my computer and from the Internet.

I can post a message to a discussion list.

I can distinguish between an email address and a web address.

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